zaterdag 23 april 2011

50 Cent's Slave Roots Explored In 'The Origin of Me'

A new VH1 Rock Doc featuring rapper 50 Cent is scheduled to debut next month that features the rapper in search of his family's past.

The documentary "50 Cent: The Origin of Me" will feature 50 Cent traveling to Edgefield, South Carolina, where he traces his family's lineage.

The rapper uses local genealogists and census data, which helps him discover more information on his great, great, great grandmother, Jane Jenkins.

The documentary reveals that Ms. Jenkins lived as a slave until the mid-1800's.

During "50 Cent: The Origin of Me," 50 also finds out his former ancestors fought the "Redshirts," who were the precursors to the Ku Klux Klan.

50 Cent's Rock Doc "50 Cent: The Origin of Me" will debut on Monday (May 23) at 9:00PM.

New Owners of Death Row Banned From Selling 'The Chronic' Online

The new owners of Death Row Records lost a round in court yesterday (April 19th), when a judge ruled that the label does not have the rights to sell Dr. Dre's hit album The Chronic digitally.

U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder ruled that Dr. Dre has never received the proper royalties from sales of the hit album The Chronic, which has sold over eight million copies since being released in 1992.

While The Chronic can still be online, Judge Snyder ruled that Dr. Dre should receive 100 percent of all of the proceeds from online sales of the album.

The judge also ruled that the new owners of Death Row Records do not have the rights to sell Dre's music from The Chronic on a compilation or any other albums.

The judge ruled that Death Row could only sell The Chronic in four formats: CD, cassette, vinyl and 8-Track.

donderdag 14 april 2011

Krayzie Bone Officially Leaves Bone Thugs After 20 Years

Well...if thats your decision no1 can hold you back...but remember you're leaving behind a legend..that will not be forgotten for a long time

After 20 years as a member of veteran Cleveland, Ohio Hip-Hop act Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Krayzie Bone has announced he is leaving the group to pursue a solo career and other projects.

The rapper made the official announcement via a YouTube clip that was released to the Internet early this morning (April 14th).

"I will no longer be a part of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony," Krayzie Bone revealed. "Due to uncontrollable circumstances, it's basically time for me to move on and just start embarking on different endeavors I've already had planned in my life. Just trying to go to a whole other level in the music game, I am trying to grow and become greater at what I do."

According to Krayzie Bone, he will focus on his label, The Life Entertainment, and develope new artists through a recently announced, upcoming project titled Cleveland is the City Vol. 1.

"It's been a great 20 year run with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, I have nothing to complain about," Krayzie Bone said. "If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be right now, so its much love, for what Bone Thugs-n-Harmony has done for me. But its that time in my life to where I finally closed this chapter and opened up a new chapter in my life to start exploring these options out here."

The news of Krayzie's departure from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony comes on the heels of an explosive, two-part interview with AHH, in which the rapper aired out all of his grievances with the group over the past 20 years.

Group member Bizzy Bone also responded in an extremely revealing two-part interview that details Bone's history, his relationship with the group and why he initially left one of the best-selling acts in Hip-Hop history.

During the course of his career, Krayzie Bone and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony have collaborated with a number of artists, including Tupac Shakur, Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace, Big Pun, Mariah Carey, E-40, Kurupt and Chamillionaire, who took home a Grammy in 2007 with Krayzie Bone for the hit single "Ridin'."

As for Krayzie Bone, he thanked fans for their years of support.

"I thank all the fans for supporting me with Bone for over 20 years and I hope that y'all will continue to support me on these future endeavors that I embark on. It aint nothing but love, I love y'all, thanks for everything you've done."

FBI Says Eazy-E, Tupac Victims of Jewish Defense League Extortion Attempts

Now HERE is some shit that just grabbed my tupac was the first rapper i've listened to, news about him always grabs me 

New documents released by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) confirm longtime allegations that the Jewish Defense League (JDL) attempted to extort rappers Eazy-E and Tupac Shakur.

The FBI released the documents in response to various Freedom of Information requests for the documents, which until this point had been unreleased.

The new documents claim that members associated with the JDL, which has been labeled a right-wing hate organization, targeted Eazy-E, Tupac Shakur and others with an unsophisticated scheme to dupe the rappers out of cash.

According to the FBI documents, unnamed members of the group would call the rappers and make death threats.

"Subjects then intercede by contacting the victims and offering protection for a fee," the notes read. "The victim and their family are taken to a 'safe haven,' usually a private estate, and are protected by gun-toting body guards associated with the Jewish Defense League."

Former Ruthless Records executive Jerry Heller implied that Eazy-E had respect for JDL in his autobiography, "Ruthless."

According to Heller, Ruthless Records hired Israeli bodyguards to protect the business from Marion "Suge" Knight, who was also allegedly threatening Eazy-E with violence, after Dr. Dre left the record label around 1990.

In "Ruthless," Jerry Heller claimed that Eazy-E liked the JDL so much, that he planned on doing a movie on the organization.

During one office visit Suge Knight allegedly paid to Ruthless Records in the Fall of 1990, Knight warned Heller and Eazy-E to get new bodyguards.

Heller said he hired an Israeli named Mike Klein to head up Ruthless Records' security, since he had a "background in the Israeli security forces."

"The effect was immediate and extreme," according to Jerry Heller. "Somehow, the Suge Knight camp had Klein checked out and realized they were now dealing with a Mossad motherf**ker who didn't fool around. Suge vanished. His crew vanished. An uneasy calm descended."

According to the FBI, after Eazy-E died from complications related to being infected with the AIDS virus, the death threats continued until at least 1996, against Eazy-E's wife and family.

The JDL, which has been labeled a domestic terrorist organization, tried the same tactics with Tupac Shakur, but their efforts allegedly failed.

Producer Deezle Breaks Silence On $20 Million Lil Wayne Lawsuit

way to show your gratitude wayne..the dude is co-creating your hits.
how does it come up in your mind to just not pay him?

Producer Darius "Deezle" Harrison has issued a statement regarding a $20 million dollar lawsuit filed against superstar rapper Lil Wayne, over unpaid royalties.

Harrison filed the $20 million dollar lawsuit in March of 2011, claiming Lil Wayne, Young Money Records and Cash Money Records owes him unpaid royalties for producing the hit track "Lollipop" from Tha Carter III.

"After consultation with my team I have decided to make a statement as it relates to the litigation pending against Cash Money and Young Money," Deezle said in a statement. "At this time I am owed a sufficient amount of money and will protect the rights afforded me by the State of New York. My team is of the opinion that the matter will be resolved in a timely fashion."

Deezle's lawsuit claims Lil Wayne's album Tha Carter III, which produced the Grammy Award winning single "Lollipop," has sold over six million copies, generating over $70 million dollars in income.

The producer also filed a $2.5 million dollar lawsuit over unpaid royalties against Lil Wayne over the hit single "Mrs. Officer," also taken from Tha Carter III.

Deezle, who has won three Grammy Awards, also separated himself from legal Rasheed "Ralo Wonder" Harrison, a former associate who has also levied claims against Young Money and Cash Money Records.

"Ralo Wonder" issued a statement in regards to the lawsuit, which suggested that Deezle would continue to sue other record labels for royalties as well.

“All you labels and music companies that owe royalties watch out because there’s a monster mixed with a tango bobcat on the loose!” Ralo Wonder said in a statement shortly after Deezle filed the lawsuit in March.

Deezle distanced himself from Ralo Wonder and his "bobcat" statement.

"Mr. Harrison was terminated from a trial basis management agreement for various indiscretions which include forgery, misrepresentation, and lack of knowledge of the music industry," Deezle said. "At this vital moment in my career it is imperative to have seasoned, educated individuals assisting me in my ventures."

woensdag 13 april 2011

Eminem To Play Osheaga Music Festival In Montreal This July

With headlining spots at Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and the UK's V Festival, it looks like Eminem is set to transition from from chart dominance to concert glory.

Now, news has broken that the Detroit rapper is also slated to headline the 2011 Osheaga Music and Arts Festival.

Em will hit the stage at the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival this July in Montreal, Canada. Marshall Mathers will be joined by fellow headlining acts Kid Cudi, Ratatat, the Flaming Lips and Elvis Costello for the three day event.

The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival will last for three days from July 29 to July 31, and will feature over a dozen different acts. More information about the festival can be found on their website.

Em will also be sharing the stage with Lil Wayne at this June's Bonnaroo and later this summer with Rihanna at the V Festival in August. He will also appear at this year's annual Lollapalooza featival.

Nicki Minaj Confirmed For Britney Spears Tour

wtf? nicky minaj with britney spears?

After weeks of negotiations, rapper Nicki Minaj has been confirmed as the opening act for Britney Spears' upcoming tour.

Nicki Minaj will hit the road with Spears after she finishes her dates with Lil Wayne's "I Am Music II" tour.

The rapper will perform on the Britney's opening date, which is June 17th in Sacramento, California.

Nicki Minaj, who replaces singer Enrique Iglesias, will hit 26 cities across the United States with Britney.

dinsdag 12 april 2011

Follow up story about Gucci Mane

Such a retard...

 Details have emerged on an incident in January that resulted in the arrest of Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane on Friday (April 8th).
The Hollywood Reporter spoke to DeKalb County Police, who confirmed initial reports that Gucci was nabbed for pushing a woman out of a moving car.

Gucci, born Radric Davis, allegedly picked the woman up a local mall and invited her out to breakfast.

When she refused a $150 offer to visit a local motel with the rapper, he pushed her out of his car, while it was in motion.

The woman was taken to a local hospital where she was treated for soreness and pain.

Gucci Mane is charged with misdemeanor battery and violating the terms of his previous probation.

Rocawear Goes After Bootleggers In Fort Lauderdale Court

Another Jay-Z story...guess this is where hes going to get the money for the fine lol

 Rocawear and Rocawear Licensing LLC have filed a lawsuit against a Florida wholesale company that is allegedly selling bootleg wears by the Hip-Hop clothing company.
Lawyers for Rocawear filed the lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida in the Fort Lauderdale division.

According to the complaints, Bargain Wholesaler and Top Brand Wholesalers are two companies owned by Ahmad Jamhour.

Jamhour and his companies are accused of marketing counterfeit Rocawear products, specifically jean capris and ladies tops.

Rocawear is seeking a permanent injunction against Jamhour, barring him from selling, displaying, manufacturing or marketing any Rocawear products.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Ahmad Jamhour or one of his companies has been accused of bootlegging merchandise.

In December of 2009, Bravado International Group, which owns the rights to distribute Michael Jackson shirts, posters and other memorabilia, also sued Jamhour and his company Top Brands Wholesalers, for allegedly making phony Michael Jackson merchandise.

Rocawear is represented by Becker & Poliakoff, P.A., of Fort Lauderdale.

Lil Wayne Reps Confirm Rapper Will Tour Canada

Lil Wayne's representatives have confirmed that the;
 chart-topping rapper will tour Canada, contrary to reports 
that he may not make it into the country due to his criminal record.
Lil Wayne hit the West Coast of Canada for three dates.
 The rapper will perform in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena 
on April 27th, in Edmonton at Rexall Palace on April 28th 
and a final performance 
in Calgary at Scotiabank Saddledome on April 29th.

Other artists on the tour include Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj, 

Rick Ross, Travis Barker and Mixmaster Mike 
and pop/rock artist Porcelain Black.

Fans are being offered a onetime ticket promotion for the Canadian tour, as well. 

Reps for the rapper said Canadian fans can purchase four tickets at a flat of $89.

For more information visit

maandag 11 april 2011

Nets Fined $50K Over Jay-Z Visit To Kentucky Locker Room

i dont know...dont think he was bribing the people...just wishing em good luck or something
on the other hand...

 The New Jersey Nets have been hit with a $50,000 fine for visiting the Kentucky locker room after the Wildcats' won an appearance in the NCAA's Final Four tournament.
The fine ends an official investigation conducted by the NBA over Jay-Z's visit. Under the rules, Jay-Z's visit is prohibited under NBA rules because he is a minority owner in the New Jersey Nets.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank said The New Jersey Nets were fined Friday (April 8th), before The Nets played The New York Knicks at the Prudential Center.

The Knicks went on to defeat New Jersey 116-93.

50 Cent And Ice Cube To Collaborate

Not that i think that this is the best collab that they can come up with, but this might even work out..
 Despite both being members of the Dr. Dre musical family tree, 50 Cent and Ice Cube have never collaborated - either in film or music.
That's going to change, according to 50, who revealed via his Twitter account that he and Cube have something in the works.

It should be noted that in the Tweet, 50 doesn't specify whether the collaboration will be in a movie or in the studio:

"Me and cube working together soon RT @ezmoney16: @50cent Any chance you and @icecube doing a movie or even music together in the near future"

In addition to having recorded with many of the same artists, Cube and 50 are both notable for having taken their talents to the silver screen.

Cube has been doing film since 1991 with Boyz n the Hood, and his filmography includes the Friday and Are We There Yet? series, in addition to several others.

50's film career began with 2005's Get Rich or Die Tryin', and will continue with the upcoming film Things Fall Apart.

zondag 10 april 2011

Rick Ross gets sued over name again

The real "Freeway" Rick Ross is taking Officer Ross aka William Roberts II to court for a second time.

While Ross was incarcerated, Roberts used his name and fake cocaine tales to gain fame. Basically Roberts is rapping about the life that Ross actually lived and served time for.

Ross sued Roberts, Jay-Z, Def Jam Records and Universal Music Group in federal court for trademark violations, unfair competition and misappropriation of his publicity rights.

Ross lost that case, but now has new legal representation in law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP. This time Ross' team will sue on a state level.

“We always knew our case was stronger in the state than it was in the feds,” Ross told BET. “California state law really protects people with their names and their likenesses. So we knew that was stronger inside California than it was in the feds, but we wanted to go the big route first then work our way down.”

Ross regrets his previous life as a drug dealer. He feels like Roberts message is wrong for kids.

“We’re both teaching two different messages," Ross said "He’s teaching my old life: sell drugs, disrespect women, all the things that really have our country in shambles. I’m teaching uplifting values, education, literacy. He’s teaching illiteracy,"

Ross presents his case in court on May 2.

Gucci Mane Jailed For Pushing Woman Out of Moving Car

Gucci been doing some wrong shit again...shouldnt get yo ass in jail if you want to be succesfull 

Atlanta, Georgia rapper Gucci Mane is in trouble with the law again, after he was arrested today (April 8th) and charged with battery.
DeKalb County Police confirmed that Gucci, born Radric Davis, was arrested by the Dekalb County Fugitive Squad as he visited his probation officer.

The rapper is accused of pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle during a dispute with the woman, although the date of the alleged incident was not immediately known.

Gucci Mane is charged with a misdemeanor count of battery, but he could face a longer jail sentence for violating his previous probation.

The rapper spent time at the mental ward of Anchor Hospital in January, after he was accused of violating his probation for an incident in November of 2010.

Kanye West's Track "Stronger" Labeled Best Workout Cut of 'All-Time

yaknew that?! next time u enter the gym, get some Kanye - Stronger on ur Mp3 player

Gold's Gym has announced the results of a nationwide poll that has crowned Kanye West's song "Stronger" the greatest workout song of all-time.
Gold's Gym hosted the first ever "March Music Competition" that allowed hundreds of gym members, celebrity trainers and fitness experts to vote on 64 of the best workout songs.
Songs that were in the running included the "Theme from Rocky," Eminem's "Lose Yourself," Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" and Guns N Roses classic song "Welcome to the Jungle."
Kanye's track, which was nominated by FOX NFL Sunday Analyst and former New York Giant Michael Strahan. The Giants walked out to West's tune "Stronger" during Super Bowl XLII, which was Strahan and company defeat the New England Patriots 17-14.
As a result of his winning nomination, Gold's Gym is donating $5,000 to the charity of Michael Strahan's choice.
"I was thrilled to hear that 'Stronger' won the March Music Madness Bracket Challenge," said Michael Strahan. "The song brings back great memories of Super Bowl XLII (The New York Giants came out to 'Stronger' before beating the New England Patriots 17-14) and is still on my iPod everyday in the gym. What's even more special is that I get to share this win with my friend Sammy Arthur, with the proceeds going to his charity, The Health & Humanitarian Aid Foundation."

George Watsky, “Stupidass” video

George Watsky just released his "stupidass" video
has a nice laidback guys should watch it!

Lil Wayne's I Am Still Music Tour Canceled?!?!

The tour has been canceled, because lil wayne could not get a visum to perform in the UK
all the other performances are going to take place as planned
the tour is used to promote "Tha Carter IV"

way to go UK..

Cunninlynguists Biography

CunninLynguists consists of three different individuals, Deacon The Villain, Mr. SOS and Kno, who aim to make music that will remind listeners why they starting liking Hip-Hop in the first place. Quality beats and rhymes, gritty sounds, witty lyrics, an occasional curse word, and low ends that jump out the trunk like Rae Carruth.

Hailing from Versailles, Kentucky, Deacon has established himself as a dope producer and emcee, having appeared on Yosumi's internationally distributed "Game Over 2" compilation as well as "The Difference" LP. His beats have been blessed by the likes of KRS-One, Masta Ace, King Tee, J-Ro from the Liks, Ruck of Heltah Skeltah and many others. Kno, residing in Atlanta, Georgia, has made a name for himself by producing for artists such as Tonedeff, Rise, Pack FM, Braille, Jugga the Bully and many others. Mr. SOS is one of Florida's most well known underground emcees and a well respected battle veteran, having been crowned champion at battles such as Pro-Am (FLA), Breaklanta (ATL), Mic Club (ATL) and The Source Magazine's Unsigned Hype Battle (televised nationally).

The highly successful, initial 12" offering from the group was distributed by Buds Distribution and features production by Celph Titled of the Demigodz on the a-side (entitled "So Live!") and guest appearances by Jugga the Bully and Mr. Raw on "Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts", while the b-side contains guest spots from Tonedeff, Sankofa, Kashal-Tee and Celph Titled on the certified underground hit posse cut "616 Rewind". Their critically acclaimed debut LP entitled "Will Rap For Food", released in October 2001, features guest appearances by the above mentioned artists as well as Braille, Cashmere the PROfessional and Kory Calico.

CunninLynguists' 2nd LP, entitled "Southernunderground", was independently released April 1st, 2003 on Freshchest Records. Guests included Masta Ace, Tonedeff, and others and production from Domingo (Big Pun, KRS-One, Eminem etc.), RJD2 (Cannibal Ox, Mos Def, Copywrite etc.), Freshchest Prose and Kno. The challenge of dodging the dreaded sophomore jinx fueled the trio to come up with 16 tracks filled with emotion, creativity and hunger. All aspects of the music were stepped up to guarantee nobody will be able to sleep on the crew in 2003 and beyond. Living up to their reputation of never being one dimensional, the new album's subject matter ranges from relationships to road rage to Nefertiti's haircut to David Blaine.

Since the release of "Southernunderground", the CunninLynguists have received tremendous press in various outlets including: The Source, URB, Spin, XLR8R, Import Tuner, The Onion, and other magazines. The group toured throughout the USA and Europe in the fall of '03 along with acts like The Pharcyde, People Under the Stairs, Raekwon, and C-Rayz Walz.

zaterdag 9 april 2011

For those of you that didn't notice yet

The Cunninlynguists Album is out!
Oneirology (2011)

  1. Predormitum (Prologue) (4:09)
  2. Darkness (Dream On) (3:58)
    Anna Wise
  3. Phantasmata (1:53)
  4. Hard as They Come (Act I) (4:19)
    Freddie Gibbs
  5. Murder (Act II) (3:23)
    Big K.R.I.T.
  6. My Habit (I Haven't Changed) (2:03)
  7. Get Ignorant (4:29)
  8. Shattered Dreams (3:40)
  9. Stars Shine Brightest (In the Darkest of Night) (4:02)
    Rick Warren
  10. So as Not to Wake You [Interlude] (1:24)
  11. Enemies with Benefits (4:37)
  12. Looking Back (2:47)
    Anna Wise
  13. Dreams (5:12)
    B.J. the Chicago Kid & Tunji
  14. Hypnopomp [Epilogue] (1:43)
    Bianca Spriggs
  15. Embers (2:54)
To download the Album google "Cunninlynguists Oneirology"

Daft Punk?!

lately i have downloaded the complete Daft punk discography, and DAMN IT SOUNDS SICK
for all u people, go listen more daft punk...must be some of the craziest (house) producers ive ever seen
here is a little story about em

Daft Punk is an electronic music duo consisting of French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (born February 8, 1974) and Thomas Bangalter (born January 3, 1975). Daft Punk reached significant popularity in the late 1990s house movement in France and met with continued success in the years following, combining elements of house with synthpop. The duo is also credited with producing songs that were considered essential in the French house scene. They were managed from 1996 to 2008 by Pedro Winter (Busy P), the head of Ed Banger Records.
Early in the group's career, the band members were strongly influenced by groups such as The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones. Bangalter and de Homem-Christo were originally in a band called Darlin', which disbanded after a short period of time, leaving the two to experiment musically on their own. The duo became Daft Punk, and released their critically acclaimed debut album Homework in 1997. The 2001 release Discovery was even more successful, driven by the club singles "One More Time", "Digital Love" and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". In March 2005, the duo released the album Human After All to mixed reviews. However, the singles "Robot Rock" and "Technologic" achieved success in the United Kingdom. Daft Punk toured throughout 2006 and 2007 and released the live album Alive 2007, which won a Grammy award for Best Electronic/Dance Album. The duo composed the score of the film Tron: Legacy and in 2010 released the soundtrack album of the film.
Daft Punk is noted for its elaborate live shows, in which visual elements and effects are incorporated with the music. The group is also known for its emphasis on visual and story components associated with their musical productions, as well as for wearing ornate robot costumes in public and while performing.

Sup guys

I've seen royce and eminom drop some crazy songs lately!
go check it out, "writersblock" must be one of my faves besides "Echo"
did u know eminem is going to perform at Bonnaroo 2011 (June 9-12, 2011)??
cant wait to see the release of that performance

IMO, eminem did some great jobs entertaining his fanbase, especially on gigs and such
well guys just wanted to let ya know ;)