dinsdag 12 april 2011

Rocawear Goes After Bootleggers In Fort Lauderdale Court

Another Jay-Z story...guess this is where hes going to get the money for the fine lol

 Rocawear and Rocawear Licensing LLC have filed a lawsuit against a Florida wholesale company that is allegedly selling bootleg wears by the Hip-Hop clothing company.
Lawyers for Rocawear filed the lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida in the Fort Lauderdale division.

According to the complaints, Bargain Wholesaler and Top Brand Wholesalers are two companies owned by Ahmad Jamhour.

Jamhour and his companies are accused of marketing counterfeit Rocawear products, specifically jean capris and ladies tops.

Rocawear is seeking a permanent injunction against Jamhour, barring him from selling, displaying, manufacturing or marketing any Rocawear products.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Ahmad Jamhour or one of his companies has been accused of bootlegging merchandise.

In December of 2009, Bravado International Group, which owns the rights to distribute Michael Jackson shirts, posters and other memorabilia, also sued Jamhour and his company Top Brands Wholesalers, for allegedly making phony Michael Jackson merchandise.

Rocawear is represented by Becker & Poliakoff, P.A., of Fort Lauderdale.

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